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The content for this post has been removed by the Admin of this website. Please do not contact me with a promise of payment for posting your content, then come back demanding a dofollow link. I do not accept payment on dofollow nor do I accept product for it. If you would like to have YOUR company zinged by Google, go for it. I have worked too hard on my site to take a hit for you.

The do-follow posts that are sponsored are a direct violation of Google's ToS. Companies & Bloggers beware!

There is not even a grey area about it. If I am paid in any way, even in product, the link MUST be a nofollow tag. Google is so serious about this, they gave themselves the ol’ Google Slap for doing that exact practice. Here is the link where Google penalized themselves! Read it here!

While Google understands that the internet is a business, it frowns upon buying links in exchange of rank and SEO juice. If a company is seeking some SEO links, there is a proper way to do it. They can create their own blog or Tumblr (which is still a dofollow site) and build their links by guest posting or even better, working on their own SEO from the inside.

When a blogger is asked (or are pitched) about a review product or paid for a sponsored post, the purpose should be to get exposure for a Brand's product and get honest and genuine experiences from bloggers with a loyal following. NOT to violate Google’s ToS.

While it may look 'good' in the short game for your company, in the long run, you can lose page rank and get penalized by google for 'buying links'…..not something to mess around with on your end. The blogger that takes part in this will get the same penalty! 

With all that said, let's work together to keep both of our heads off the chopping block and get your product, brand, service the proper representation! 


Edna Myers, Admininstrator/Editor

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